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Grumpy Rhino Games is an independent mobile app developer based in the UK. Since 2015 we have specialised in mobile idle games and have launched a number of titles including Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind. In 2022 we launched our first merge game - NecroMerger.

In most of our games you play as the bad guy (who is normally flawed, sassy and - sometimes - endearing). We try to keep our games funny and light-hearted and with beautiful pixel art and 'banging' music they're easy on the eye and ear. We aim to appeal to those of you who've never picked up an idle game and to th
ose who've played hundreds.

Our games can be downloaded on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

You can follow us on our social media.
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Soundtracks for our games can be downloaded on bandcamp.

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