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Five Hopes

"...this is one traditional platformer that won’t always go easy on you."

- MacLife

Set in a fantasy world of demons, traps and puzzles, Five Hopes is a charming little platformer that blends puzzle and action seamlessly. Switch between different heroes to overcome a variety of obstacles and enemies. Teleport and levitate as the Wizard, shape-shift as the Druid and avoid demons as the stealthy Assassin. The real fun comes from using the different heroes’ powers in harmony to overcome even the most despicable of enemies: General Ignorance, Major Trauma and Despair.

When the Four Hopes (a legendary band of heroes) die fighting Despair, it’s left to the Boy to carry on alone. He’s not some powerful wizard or warrior but to succeed he must become the greatest of heroes. Taking on the power of the Four Hopes he can fight the demons that plague his world: nervy Anxiety, lazy Apathy and nagging Doubts. But the path ahead is dangerous: the demon-infested Grasslands of Doubt are General Ignorance’s stomping ground, and few cross the Desert of Woe when Major Trauma is watching.

Five Hopes is a game about a boy overcoming his demons. It’s been lovingly crafted to give you the best game experience we can. With an old-school feel, loads of secrets and collectables, and plenty of detail, depth and humour, we’re confident that you’ll love it!

Five Hopes is advert free and contains no in app purchases. We plan to continue updating Five Hopes with the support of our players, so expect a new zone soon!

Press Coverage:

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Appgefahren – Five Hopes: 24 Level und wechselbare Characktere in neuem Fantasy-Platformer

  • + Play through 24 handcrafted levels in two distinct zones - full of puzzles and hidden collectables.
  • + Fight 12 different characterful demons each with unique abilities - including two complex boss fights.
  • + Follow the story of the Boy's journey as he defeats Despair's henchmen.